Audiobooks are FUN (And Other Ways to Bond with Your Family)

I hope everyone is enjoying our new month of May and frolicking nonstop on sidewalks and country lanes alike. For me, it has started off quite promising indeed. I’m in the final stretches of editing on First Position as it goes to the printer in June, and am just getting started writing my new book, Strawberry Summer—which will release in early 2017 and already has me super excited. Wait ’til you see the cover!

I don’t know if you remember, but last December (hey, that rhymes!), my novella, Firework debuted as part of the Sweet Hearts anthology. Firework is about Lucy, a high-powered CEO who clashes with Kristin, an earnest and beautiful reporter who is hot on a less-than-flattering story about Lucy’s company. Yikes! Drama, conflict, and chemistry! It’s a book (okay, novella) that I’m rather proud of, so as you can imagine I was excited when my publisher let me know that they were about to go into production on the audiobook for Firework. As these things tend to happen pretty fast, they were already auditioning talent to narrate the novella.

One thing you may not know about me is that I have a sister who does voice work, including audiobooks for Timing wise, it has never worked out for her to record one of mine…but what if this was my chance? So after a well-placed call to Krissy (that’s my sister) an audition was on it’s way to Bold Strokes Books, an audition that just so happened to land her the job! Yay (Fireworks explode in the sky in celebration). Get it?

So, everyone, I’m pleased to announce that my sister Krissy will be the narrator for Firework and is already in the midst of production. I’m super excited because this is someone who knows me well, will hear my voice, and understands my sense of humor. What could be better?



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