I’m Older Now and Making Things Happen


So I had a birthday yesterday. I know.

I’m firmly in my mid-thirties now. This is kind of cool, I think.  I’m the smartest I’ve ever been and I like that. I also like this owl. Thereby, I have included him in my blog post.

(But I digress).

As I take stock, I realize that I understand the world more than I ever have. (Listen, I’m no sage of life, but I’m wiser than that ridiculous twenty five year old version of myself by far). What was she thinking? I get the concept of caloric intake and know when it’s time to change my oil. I pay bills on time and own a house. I feed my dogs on schedule, and treasure and look forward to time spent with family and friends a great deal. I have two jobs that each offer me a creative outlet and I find value in both of them.

Oh, my goodness, I’m a grown up. And it feels really, really great.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still a whimsical girl and probably always will be. I like to rap in the car when I drive, and put the top down for effect. I assign feelings to inanimate objects and name things that simply don’t require names. I refuse to eat popcorn before the movie starts on principle. I own several colors of Chuck Taylor’s (Converse) and wear them whenever possible (now). I could go on. In fact, the whimsical list probably out numbers the grown up list, but I’m actually okay with that too.

About ten months ago, I wrote a blog about the things I wish I had more time for. Hobbies I would take up. Yesterday, I got to experience one of those past times. I was nervous but if there aren’t nerves involved, than you probably don’t care that much, am I right?

photo-51So yesterday, I was a volunteer wine pourer in the tasting room at Grape Creek Vineyard in Fredericksburg, Texas. That’s right.  I was the person behind the counter who pours the tastings and talks to you about the different varietals. I even had the Grape Creek shirt to shout to the world how very official I was.  It took me a customer or two to get fully into the swing of things, but after that, I felt like a pro. I made small talk with my customers, offered insight into sugar contents, barrel aging, tasting notes, and pairing suggestions. I guided my customers on their tasting journey and helped them narrow down their favorites for possible purchase.  The tasting room manager, Doug, said I was fantastic. He even told me to email him if I wanted to be added to the schedule! (cartwheel) As a bonus, lots of my family and friends made the drive to help celebrate the day with me. There was a fantastic picnic afterwards. I promise.

Working the tasting room. The guy in the middle photo is my dad!

Working the tasting room. The guy in the middle photo is my dad!

This is what I’m finding: New experiences keep life interesting.  I had a great time at Grape Creek and will use the day as a reminder to get out there and live. Do the things I want to do. It’s easy to stay in and watch a TV show on a given Saturday, because I really like TV. But how much will I remember an afternoon like that when I’m seventy-five? I won’t. Those kinds of days will blend.

So that’s my new extra grown up motto: Keep it memorable.  So the next time I feel the urge to turn down an opportunity because it’s tiring or pushes me outside of my comfort zone, I’ll remember this blog, my day of wine pouring, and make a more informed decision.

It’s what grown ups do.

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And the best news is…..it only gets better. I always felt like I hit my stride when I hit the 40 mark. Somehow it made a huge difference to me and I felt more confident. more courageous and more involved in life. Now in my 50’s, I can say that each year brings more blessings. some you may not recognize at the time but as life rolls on you see the goodness in daily living.
Happy belated birthday, enjoy the years to come.


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