Summer 2022 Updates

And just out of nowhere, summer is here! I wanted to pop in and provide a few updates because there’s a lot going on, so hold onto your hats!  I’ve scrambled over here to discuss. (By the way, how are you? How’s your summer? Read anything good?)

First of all, The Last Lavender Sister releases in under two weeks (July 1 on the Bold Strokes site and July 12 everywhere else). This is a book that I’m super excited to put out into the world. It was honestly the best writing experience I’ve had in quite some time. I have a fondness for my main characters that has me missing them a great deal already.  So much so that I’m liking what I see on the horizon. Maybe even a spinoff book. Who knows?

Next, I’m on TikTok! Not exactly sure what I’ve gotten myself into, but so far I’ve enjoyed posting a handful of videos about my writing process, what I have coming up next, new book covers, trailers, and the struggles I run into here and there. Sometimes very real, sometimes tongue and cheek, but always short and sweet. I’d love for you to follow me there for a more creative take on what’s cooking and shaking. Let’s have silly fun together. Life is too short. You can find me here:

Both Kiss the Girl and Waiting in the Wings are up on Chapters, the Interactive Video Game App, where you can live life in Brooklyn’s shoes or Jenna’s (depending on the book). Think Choose Your Own Adventure for romance novels. I had a blast giving them a try out. Just Three Words and Ready or Not are upcoming.

Next up, I send out batches of signed books every other week. Hit me up if you’re interested in purchasing one for a gift or yourself. I’d love to send one your way. (I have early copies of The Last Lavender Sister available as well).

Finally, dates, dates, and more dates. Actually, three new ones. This July 6-10, I’ll be heading to the Golden Crown Literary Conference in Albuquerque, NM. This a great conference for both readers and writers of Sapphic Fiction. There are workshops, panel discussions with all your favorite authors, readings, interactive events for everyone to hang out and talk, plus night time events (for example, a dinner at a winery this year featuring readings from myself, Karin Kallmaker and Georgia Beers – plus amazing wine and food pairings).

After that, you can find me at Clexacon August 26-28 in Anaheim. I night even get my Disney on. You can expect to see me on panels and at pop-up signings. Clexacon is an amazing event showcasing the best in sapphic TV, Film, Books, Podcasts and more.

Lastly, October 12-15, I’ll be in Provincetown, MA for Women’s Week featuring every form of the arts. Comedy, Music, Art, and Books! All there. I’ll be there for four days of book events (including panels, readings, chats, and signings).

I’d love to see you at one or all three events. Please say hi! Let’s take a photo or three together.

Stay cool, everyone. I’d love to hear from you! (I got bogged down with email for a bit, but I’m much more on top of it and responses will be quicker.)

Much Love,



Patty Anderson

I really enjoy your books. The past 9 months have been filled with numerous health problems. However, when I pick up your books I feel happy. Thanks! BTW I finally am seeing the end of health calamities.


Your books are amazing will there be a sequel to the last lavender sister, or a spin off with marigolds story of finding her person that would be amazing


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