TikTok and Bagels

Photo of a dozen or so bagels on a flat surface.

I read a quote recently (I wish I could remember where) that said social media is like standing in the middle of a crowded room and yelling I LIKE BAGELS, waiting, and then one person yells back I LIKE THOSE TOO. Basically, you put yourself out there, reveal a few things about yourself, and see who might be the same – who might be interested in the things you are. And voila, a connection is made.

Well, to find more bagel (aka Book) lovers like myself, I’ve been hanging out and posting videos on TikTok. Mostly in these little videos, I talk about my life writing books, the books themselves, how the books get made, quotes from the books, favorite tropes from books that I read, books that matter to me, what makes a romance novel I’d want to read, and yes, more about writing books. Find me there if this sounds like your kinda bagel.

 My handle is, wait for it, @melissabrayden.

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